The Flugga Boat, from Unst Inshore Services Ltd

Flugga Boats, built & run by Unst Inshore Services Ltd, have been building exceptional Flugga Boats for a number of years and have a wealth of experience in the maritime sector. Dubbed to have all of the advantages of a rib, just harder, we utilise HDPE collar and aluminium materials to ensure the boats can withstand the harshest of sea conditions.

With the team growing up and working in Shetland, we began to realise the standard workboats being produced weren’t always best-placed in the seas around Shetland’s coast with harsh winds and weather conditions constantly changing. With this, we made it a mission to come up with a solution that could benefit Shetland’s workers without the constant need for maintenance and replacement.

We have continued to build them from our base in Shetland and distribute the boats across the United Kingdom, primarily for commercial use being used in a number of areas in Maritime, including as salmon workboats. We have also had success in developing a Flugga Boat for Grampian Police.

Are you looking for a RIB suitable for recreational use? Gain peace of mind knowing that Flugga Boats are designed to rescue standard crafts. The tough construction allows for exploring and beaching without causing issues for your hull, like cracked gel-coats or tearing the collar on rocks. The low maintenance materials allow for more time boating and less time repairing – which for those wanting an aquaculture boat, is the ideal result.

Flugga Boat Design Features

  • RIB type design
  • Buoyant plastic collar
  • UV-resistant plastic collar
  • Non-pressurised collar
  • Console option
  • Fully enclosed cabin option
  • Choice of outboard engines or diesel jet drive
  • Electronics fitted to appropriate MCA category requirement
  • Currently certified up to MCA cat. 2
  • High durability construction method
  • Full marine grade specification for all materials