The build process for Flugga Boats

Aquaculture workboats available in many sizes

The Flugga Boat concept is currently available in seven sizes, we are confident that we can provide you with an RIB to suit your particular requirements.

We build each boat by hand, and are happy to take any custom requirements into consideration. From basic open boats, to full cabin with suspension seating, and full electronics.

The Flugga Boat construction process

You can see examples of different stages of the process to see the level of care taken to construct our high quality RIBs. We use top-grade HDPE, aluminium and plastics in the construction.


The build jig is set-up with frames welded in position ready for sheeting.

Flugga Boat Construction 1

Hull sheets, lift strakes and chines are secured to frames and fully welded before turning over.

Flugga Boat Construction 2

Hull is fully sealed and ready to accept the pre formed collar.

Flugga Boat Construction 3

The boat is almost finished. Engines and electronic are now fitted out to customers requirements before work boat coding.

Flugga Boat Construction 4